Our most popular HR blogs 2020

Every year we take a look back at our most popular HR blogs. It gives us an insight into what employers are grappling with and what advice they need.

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The topics in our top 5 most popular HR blogs 2020 are fairly predictable given the momentously uncertain year we’ve had with the pandemic and Brexit looming. The interest in the topics followed the issues as they were headlined during the year.

Our 5th most popular HR blog, written in July 2020 at the height of uncertainty, provides guidance to anyone preparing for a redundancy consultation meeting .

Our next most popular HR blog, written in June 2020, looked at alternatives to redundancy . Not yet at the peak of the employment crisis, employers were looking for things that they could do to try to limit the number of redundancies that they might have to make.

The 3rd most popular HR blog, written in August 2020, considered the most awful of things. How to tell someone they are redundant . These are emotionally charged meetings for both the person giving the news and the person receiving the news. This blog gave some practical tips to reduce the distress.

Our 2nd most popular HR blog discussed the difference between furlough, lay off and redundancy. Written in April 2020, employers were just being introduced to the concept of furlough and trying to make decisions on the best solution for their business, furlough, lay off or redundancy

It’s interesting to see the interest that our HR blog topics received as the pandemic and economic impact began to be clearer.

In April, employers were researching new and technical terminology not commonly known by many employers.

In June they were checking out alternatives to redundancy to try to avoid the nuclear option of terminating employment.

In July, the inevitable happened and they were beginning to consult on redundancies.

In August they wanted to understand how they should tell people made redundant the devastating news.

Our most popular HR blog of 2020 was written in April. It’s interesting that not yet two months into the pandemic and just as the Government introduced the Job Retention Scheme employers started to realise that something serious was happening. They realised they needed help if they were to avoid making themselves vulnerable to challenge and started searching in earnest for HR companies to outsource their HR to. Our blog discussed whether outsourcing was a good idea or not.

Like you, we are hoping that 2021 will be a calmer, more steady year, but we’ve found it reassuring that we’ve been blogging about things that are of most relevant to employers when they need it.

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