Why Choose Metis HR?

As enterprises grow, so do their responsibilities, which is where outsourced HR plays a pivotal role.

Management of human resources is a complex function, but an essential one, and one which offers vital protection to employers.

Why do employers need protection, and how does outsourced HR provide it?

Here, we highlight the main advantages, and how employers can reduce their risk using expert HR support.

Who is Outsourced HR For?

More than simply a business function, HR supports businesses and organisations in fulfilling and complying with their responsibilities.

As an employer, you will have certain responsibilities, and these will multiply as your enterprise grows.

The burden of administration can become a major issue and, without the necessary resources, something that both distracts and detracts from core business issues.

Human resources management is, therefore, a structural necessity, but it can be a costly one.

Looking at it from another angle, most people in business, however experienced and insightful, cannot be experts in everything.

Success and growth depend, to a large extent, on understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, and knowing when to bring in expertise to cover areas that are not your natural strong point.

If you do not cover these areas, the risk is that your efforts will fall short in them.

Therefore, while HR is employee-focused, it is a function that protects employers, by providing them with the necessary specialisms to administer their staffing.

How Does Outsourced HR Reduce Business Risk?

There are various key areas where sound human resources management reduces business risk:

  • It helps time management, enabling other areas of a business to focus on their core areas of interest by taking on the administrative burden
  • It ensures compliance with employment regulations and ensures businesses follow best practice, also managing disputes, grievances and appeals, keeping up to date with changing laws and regulations
  • HR helps foster strong employer-employee relationships, reducing the risk of conflict, and helping create a positive workplace culture
  • This can reduce absenteeism and increase productivity, making a business more competitive and more resilient.

Managing employees requires specialist knowledge, and simply learning as you go is not an option if you do not want to risk costly mistakes.

There is a lot of administrative detail involved, including keeping the proper paperwork on employees and understanding the procedures you need to follow legally.

The risks is that without specialist support, HR becomes something that is more and more demanding of your time and energy.

However, HR is more than a back-office function. It also helps businesses enact strategies connected with elements such as staff recruitment and retention and employee engagement.

The success of these strategies can have a profound, long-term impact on a business’s fortunes.

Do You Need an HR Strategy?

Any enterprise is only as effective as the people involved in it.

Many businesses start small, a few people in a room who all know and trust each other. But as they grow, they have to bring in more people, who they may not know at all, but who they will need to rely on.

Without the right kind of people, businesses risk issues such as presenteeism, where there is a damaging lack of motivation in the workforce.

One of the major strategic functions of outsourced HR is helping businesses recruit and retain the talent they need to sustain their growth and development.

Employment may also be more fluid and in different forms, such as remote working and using freelancers and consultants.

These methods offer more flexibility to employers, but only if they manage them well. In a post-Covid economy, such flexibility may be a factor that determines the success or failure of many enterprises.

HR outsourcing can reduce the risk of making the wrong employment decisions, while also reducing the internal risk of non-compliance.

How Metis HR Can Help

We are a personal HR consultancy based in the North West. We understand that growth and development are about people and people management.

We also know how growth can also leave businesses exposed, if they do not have the right HR processes and strategies in place.

Why choose Metis HR?

Successfully outsourcing your HR is about finding someone you can trust, to manage your people and protect your business.

For more details about our outsourced HR services, please call us on 01706 565 332, email info@metishr.co.uk or complete our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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