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If you are thinking about whether to outsource HR to an HR Consultant here are some tips about what to consider.
Firstly what professional qualifications does the HR Consultant have? If you are going to outsource HR outsourced HRservices you need to understand what aspects of your HR service you want to outsource. Then you need to think about the kind of HR Consultant that you need to make the outsourcing a success. Any HR Consultant worth their salt will be a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). BUT, just because an HR Consultant has a CIPD qualification doesn’t mean that they are right for your project or your business or that you should outsource HR to them. HR is a profession with an extremely wide remit and with that come a very wide range of HR Consultants with a very wide range of skills.

Some questions you should get the answers to

Know specifically what elements of your HR provision you want to outsource and create a shortlist of possible providers. Get the answers to the following questions

  1. How have they approached a specific or similar outsource situation with other clients?
  2. Can they provide testimonials?
  3. Do they carry professional indemnity insurance?
  4. What evidence do they have of professional education? Establish what they’ve done to stay on top of the changes to legislation and practise since they became qualified?
  5. Find out what previous business experience they have of being a manager themselves, managing staff, and as an HR professional? Ask about the kind of workforce they have experience in managing? What outcomes did they achieve?

An outsource solution for you needs to deliver what you need not what the HR company wants to deliver. The HR Consultant that you choose to outsource your HR services to needs to be able to understand your business and take a commercial approach tot he advice that they give you.
Have you decided to outsource your HR? Are you thinking about outsourcing your HR? Talk to Metis HR, call us now on 01706 565 332, an initial consultation is free to you.
Metis HR provides Consultancy Services and outsourced HR support to SME’s across the country.

Question to ask?

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