How adult apprenticeships can help my business

Understanding how adult apprenticeships can help my business can open up innovative ways of growing your own talent. There’s an urban myth that apprenticeships are only for 16 – 24 years old’s. But that’s simply not true. Adult apprenticeships are for anyone who wishes to learn a new skill or trade. They’ve been around since 2008 and have been growing year on year. Adult apprenticeships can allow adult apprentices to develop skills and qualification that could lead up to Degree or even Master’s Degree level.

how adult apprenticeships can help my business

Why become an apprentice?

40% of the current apprentices in the UK are over the age of 45. They’ve chosen the apprenticeship route as a means of learning a new skill to develop a new career. Employers often say that more mature apprentices can bring much to the business. Adult apprentices have often already developed

  • self-discipline
  • reliability
  • responsibility and
  • a work ethic

Because of this they need less support to learn how to behave in the workplace. So, the employer benefits from the adult apprentice already having useful and transferable life experience. So they can make a greater contribution earlier in their programme of training.

Adult Apprenticeship Pay

Apprentices over 19 and still in their first year apprenticeship will be paid £4.81 per hour (in 2022). Once the first year is completed they will be paid in line with National Minimum Wage of National Living Wage depending on their age. Many qualified and experienced apprentices go on to earn much more than this which is why they follow this training in the first instance.

There are other financial support funds that adult apprentices and employers can access for things like travel, childcare costs etc. making this route more accessible for adults.

Employer Benefits

78% of employers report increased productivity after introducing an apprenticeship scheme. Apprentices are generally eager to learn and enthusiastic about the qualification they’ve chosen.

For employers an Adult Apprentice can provide a less risky way of getting new employees without experience and developing them into employees with experience. There are many stories of how employers have used Adult Apprenticeships to attract good calibre people that can be moulded by the employer. It’s a great way to strengthen your workforce and succession planning to proactively cope with future challenges.

In the current market employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find qualified experienced people. Understanding how adult apprenticeships can help my business allows employers to tap into new pools of candidates.

Apprentices also qualify for funding support under the Apprenticeship Levy making this approach even more affordable than ever.

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