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Metis Workplace Mediation Frequently Asked Questions Page

What is mediation?

Mediation is a proactive, solution focussed process for resolving a dispute using an impartial third party. Mediation uses a series of private and joint meetings with those involved to build a mutually appropriate and acceptable solution.

No one can be forced to take part in Mediation. It’s a voluntary process designed to address the underlying causes of conflict or tension. Using an unbiased, non-confrontational approach, a skilled mediator will work to build a final outcome agreed by the parties. It is not the mediator’s solution.

Why should my Company choose Metis Mediation?

Metis Mediation is committed to ensuring that every party involved in mediation is treated with the highest levels of integrity and care. We pride ourselves on carrying out well-structured, well organised and well delivered mediation sessions. We deliver long lasting, constructive results for organisations across the north west of England.

How can I as an employee use mediation?

Anyone experiencing conflict or disputes at work can use mediation as a constructive way of dealing with whatever is going on. If you are experiencing difficulties at work that you think may be helped by using Metis Mediation, speak to your manager or your HR Department.

How long does Workplace Mediation last?

Metis Mediation lasts for one full day, with all parties working hard to conclude mediation in that one day. It’s rare for Metis Mediation to need to extend mediation to longer.

Who is the Mediator?

Metis Mediation is led by Ali Penney. Ali is an experienced Workplace Mediator who will work with you to resolve your issues.

Can I be forced to take part in workplace mediation?

No. Metis Mediation will check at the start of the process that you are taking part voluntarily. Mediation does not work where people are forced to take part.

Do Mediators tell people what to do?

No, absolutely not! A workplace mediator does not judge who is right or wrong, they don’t impose solutions, but, be prepared to be asked challenging questions. To effectively resolve conflict or disputes everyone needs to understand the issue, the impact it’s having on everyone involved and what steps need to be taken to resolve the issue.

Can I have someone with me during workplace mediation?

No. Workplace mediators work very hard to create an environment where parties do not need to bring anyone with them for support.

Where does Mediation happen?

Metis Mediation has purpose built mediation rooms at its offices in Rossendale, Lancashire. Each person uses their own room for the entire day, coming together jointly when ready.

Will the mediator speak to me on my own?

Yes, the mediator will speak to each party on their own. This gives each person the chance to talk about how the conflict or dispute affects them. The mediator listens to you. You can expect to be asked to explore the issue from three perspectives, the past, the present and the future.

What happens at the end of workplace mediation?

Hopefully, with the hard work of all parties, a resolution will have been reached. This resolution is typed up and given to the parties, usually on the same day. The Mediator will contact the parties at one, three and six months after mediation to evaluate progress. Sometimes we offer further mediation meetings if things are still not quite right.

Does Mediation really work?

Yes! Effective workplace mediators resolve around 90% of the cases they are involved in. BUT whether mediation actually works in the long run depends on the commitment of the parties. The right mindset is critical to the long term success of mediation.

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