Metis Mediation in the Workplace

Have you ever felt a workplace dispute has got out of control? Do you feel a betrayal of trust has occurred within the workplace? Has a situation with an employee left you feeling useless, helpless, or incapable of resolving a problem with staff who do not seem to follow the rules? If the answer is yes,

Mediation in the workplace enables disputing parties to discuss their points of view in a safe environment and to give the best chance of reaching a mutual resolution to their differences. Workplace mediation can provide a practical solution to an employment issue that would otherwise end up the subject of costly and time consuming legal proceedings where the underlying emotional issue is never resolved by either party. The presence of an experienced workplace mediator can encourage both parties to reach an agreement.

Metis HR has a wealth of experience with Employment Law and can guide you on the best way to approach difficult issues.

Mediation can help with:

  • Reducing management time spent on difficult employees
  • Dispute resolution
  • Commitment to implementing negotiated agreements
  • Reduction in cost of complaints and disputes
  • Providing an independent listener to aggrieved employees
  • Improving working relationships

One recent testimonial from a client, a manufacturing firm, stated “It seems that a disciplinary route isn’t always the best option. We felt that our situation mediation helped us to come to an agreement with an unhappy, disruptive employee with no risk of any come backs once the agreement had been signed. The fees were reasonable adn the service as always was very good. If we had chosen to followa disciplinary route, it most likely would have been more costly with no guarantee that it woud end there.”

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Metis HR Ltd follow a code of conduct and have a complaints policy and procedure which is available on request at

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