HR Consultant in Lancashire

Alison Driver is an HR Consultant in Lancashire.

Alison has over 30 years’ experience dealing with people management issues. As a Chartered FCIPD and MBA qualified HR Consultant in Lancashire Alison bases her advice on her extensive experience to provide sound, practical advice designed to put the employer back in control. At the age of 24 she was managing 105 unionised cleaning and catering staff. Alison attributes much of her success to cutting her teeth during the Government’s drive for Compulsory Competitive Tendering in the NHS in the 80’s. This enforced exercise resulted in one of Alison’s first tasks, having to make over 33% of the employees redundant in order to successfully win the tender in-house.

Since those days in the mid 1980’s Alison estimates that she has

  • Directly managed approximately 55 different management level staff
  • Been ultimately responsible for the work delivered by approximately 415 employees
  • Conducted over 2000 recruitment interviews
  • Personally dismissed 12 employees but in an HR capacity supported management colleagues with in excess of 70 dismissals
  • Undertaken between 50 and 60 employee-related investigations (the majority disciplinary and grievance investigations)
  • Been Company Secretary for 4 companies

Alison established Metis HR Ltd in 2011 believing that her experience as an operational manager and experience as an HR professional gave her a unique set of skills. She has personally experienced many of the managerial challenges that her clients now call her to talk through. As a successful HR Consultant in Lancashire, to date Alison has worked with over 125 employers across the North West of England. Clients rely on Alison for professional, practical, commercially aware advice on how best to manage employees with least risk to the business.

Metis HR was set up to provide GOOD ADVICE. Alison says that “getting the wrong advice will cost a business time, money and reputation. Metis HR provide advice based on experience and from personal values, integrity and professionalism.The right advice and guidance in HR matters puts the client in control, allowing them to reach a considered decisions and ultimately achieve an acceptable outcome”.

Metis HR Ltd is an HR Consultant in Lancashire. It supports clients across the country. Metis HR specialises in providing outsourced HR services to small and medium-sized businesses.

If you need an HR Consultant in Lancashire call us now on 01706 565332. We can help you take control of difficult people-related situations.

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