Workplace Mediation is a flexible process and gives parties access to a wide range of outcomes not available in litigation. Usually, all a court will do is order one party to pay money to the other. In mediation, because the parties come to their own agreement with a win-win situation rather than one winner and one loser.

Workplace Mediation is confidential. Unlike court proceedings, which are public, mediation is a private process. Parties can avoid publicity and reputational damage. A mediation in which an agreement is reached gives parties certainty on the day, in an outcome that they control. It is economically lower than any tribunal and faster. An outcome can usually be reached on the same day, whereas a tribunal can take months, even years to reach a conclusion.

Workplace Mediation can resolve working relationships make them stronger the process encourages parties to look for mutual solutions and are more likely to achieve an understanding of each other’s needs and issues. It can address all the issues that concern the parties. This can be very effective in disputes where people’s emotions are involved. There can be an acknowledgement and acceptance of responsibility and apology which can go a long way to resolving a dispute.

Workplace Mediation does not affect your legal rights, even if the parties sign an agreement and then do not stick to that agreement then you can always resort back to the disciplinary process. The parties should take part in the process voluntarily, in good faith and with  a desire to resolve the conflict. This makes settlement more likely. The parties design and agree their own settlement, so are much more likely to concur and to keep to the agreement terms.

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