workplace mediationOur Metis Mediation service is a flexible workplace process. It resolves workplace conflict. We help resolve issues between employees who’ve previously worked well together but who for some reason are no longer working effectively. We help with employees who are dissatisfied with something at work. Possibly something that’s heading towards a grievance. Mediation is often a more constructive way of tackling dissatisfaction.

Does mediation work?

Does it work? Yes! because it’s constructive because it’s not blaming anyone. People feel listened to.

It’s confidential. It delivers a result that the employees have agreed to. An outcome that they control. It’s a more constructive, faster way of dealing with workplace dissatisfaction than grievance procedures.

Our expertise at Metis Mediation resolves difficulties in working relationships because the process makes working relationships stronger. It’s encouraging employees to look for mutual solutions. They are more likely to achieve an understanding of each other’s needs and issues. It can address all the issues that concern them leaving you, the employer, free to get on with your day job.

Mediation is a tried and trusted  way of effectively resolving workplace conflict where people’s emotions are involved. Give us a call now, in confidence, on 01706 565332 or email us

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Metis HR provides HR Expertise based upon experience and from personal values, integrity and professionalism. But how does this benefit your business? The right advice and guidance in HR matters puts you in control, allowing you to reach a considered decision and ultimately leads to an acceptable outcome.

It is this, the Metis HR approach and our high moral standards that guide you the employer and protect you from your employees.

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