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Holidays and Furlough

The area of holidays and furlough is still unclear. Government guidance doesn’t specifically address what happens with holidays and furlough. So what do you do

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Time to Talk Day

Today is National time to talk day. It is a day that helps people to become more aware of mental health issues and how to

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New Legislation on Payslips

In April 2019 new legislation on payslips and employers’ responsibilities were introduced by the government. The new law states that itemised payslips must be given

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Does mediation work?

Clients regularly ask us does mediation work? Conflict is almost inevitable in most work relationships. Some conflict arises over technical issues – such as what

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Succession Planning

Seven Things to Look For Deciding whether to promote an employee to a management position and succession planning in general is a challenge for many

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Smelly Employees

As the weather improves it’s that time of year when we start to get calls about how to deal with smelly employees. Statistically, 1 in

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