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  1. Hebergement web September 06, 2016

    Employers should plan ahead and give as much notice as possible when offering work. Those who work on a zero hours contract may have caring responsibilities or have studies and may need to plan for childcare or around exams. Employers should be transparent about how they offer work, for example, is there a rota?

    • metisuser September 07, 2016

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post. We would always advocate giving as much notice as possible to people on zero hours contracts about hours of work being offered to enable them to plan their other commitments, including the work that they are doing for other employers. There are lots of reasons that employees choose to work on zero hour contracts and employers should never assume that they have exclusive use of people on zero hours contracts. If an employer wants exclusivity of an employee it is more appropriate that they appoint people on permanent contracts with set hours of work.

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