Outsourced HR is when an employer pays a monthly fee to an external HR outsourced HRConsultancy Services company for professional HR advice and support. One third of small/medium sized companies now use outsourced HR support.

Why should you consider using outsourced HR?

If you already have some HR support in your business, consider what aspects of that support the Company would benefit from being improved?

There are many different areas of HR. Different HR professionals will be experts in their own field. For example, an experienced employee relations HR professional will be effective at managing complex people problems. They do this whilst maintaining the reputation of your business. An HR professional experienced in recruiting will have the industry contacts to find the best places for recruiting talented employees and managing the candidate processes.

Why use Metis HR for your outsourced HR?

  • We take the burden off you letting you focus on your core business rather than your HR challenges.
  • We’re likely to be more cost efficient than you employing an HR professional in house who potentially won’t be fully utilised.
  • Using Metis HR for your outsourced HR will give you access to very experienced HR expertise that maybe isn’t available inside your Company.
  • We pride ourselves on the speed and flexibility of our response to clients’ queries about their HR issues.
  • Our experience of dealing with many different types of organisations and situations makes us very confident in supporting you with your strategic HR needs.
  • It’s our responsibility to keep your contracts, handbooks and HR policy documents up to date and legally compliant.

How much does outsourced HR cost?

We have two standard support packages which we will tailor to meet your needs. The cost of the packages are calculated on an amount per day per employee. Call us on 01706 565332 or email us to tell us the number of people you employ. We can very quickly tell you the cost of the two different outsourced HR packages.

Worried about costs should you find yourself in an Employment Tribunal?

Metis HR partners with Munro-Greenhalgh Insurance Brokers and AXA to provide excellent cover for employment tribunal claims. The policy means that if you follow the professional HR advice provided by Metis HR; 

  • the insurance policy will cover you defending a tribunal claim and for any awards made
  • you will pay no excess. Normally you would be required to pay an excess of £3,750!
  • Metis HR continues to work with you, as your trusted HR Advisor. We guide you through the claim process. We’re on-hand throughout so there will be no ‘starting from scratch’ again with a new person!

How will Metis HR work with you?

Our approach – we work at all times in the best interests of you, the employer.
Our process – from our initial conversations we get to understand your business. We therefore gain valuable insight into what you, the employer, actually want. Rather than give you just generic advice, we give you relevant advice, practical support and deliver on the best way. As a result we save you time, money and reputation

Your business deserves GOOD ADVICE. If you get the wrong advice it will cost your business time, money and reputation. Metis HR provide advice based on experience and from personal values of integrity and professionalism. How does this benefit you? The right HR advice and guidance puts you in control allowing you to reach a considered decision and ultimately leads to an acceptable outcome

Finally, if you want to know how we can help you, call us now on 01706 565332 or email us to arrange a free, confidential, no obligation initial conversation

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