Alison Penney joined Metis HR in January 2016 where she completed her training as a workplace mediator at Globis Mediation. With Alison’s Professional Qualifications in Mediation and Neuro Linguistic Programming, she is ideally placed to bring specialist skills required for Workplace Mediation, Negotiation and Positive Communication.

Workplace Mediation is the process whereby Alison assists two or more disputing employees to reach a mutual and manageable agreement for working better together in the future.

Effective workplace mediation and conflict resolution is critical to the smooth running of every organisation and can save time, money and reputation, ultimately providing for a better working environment.

Have you ever felt a workplace dispute has got out of control? Do you feel a betrayal of trust has occurred within the workplace? Has a situation with an employee left you feeling useless, helpless, or incapable of resolving a problem with staff who do not seem to follow the rules? If the answer is yes, and you do not wish the potential danger of a failed tribunal, then please contact Alison to talk about how workplace mediation can help you.


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